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Read Graeme Miles’ review of Aileen Kelly’s Book, Fire Work: Last Poemsin the Cordite Poetry Review, 13/09/2017.

Congratulations to Jordie Albiston, on Euclid’s Dog: 100 algorithmic poems being shortlisted for the State Library of Queensland Poetry Collection – Judith Wright Calanthe Award. 

Read Peter Boyle’s review of Brook Emery’s Book, Have been and are, in the Sydney Review of Books, 18/08/2017.

Reading for a Quiet Morning, was launched on the 16th of May 2017. Read the Launch Speech by Gig Ryan.

Read Simon West‘s review of Brook Emery’s Book, Have been and are, in The Australian, 08/04/2017

Read Nadia Niaz‘s review of Elif Sezen’s Book, Universal Mother, in Cordite Poetry Review, 03/04/2017

Read Martin Duvall’s review of Kevin Brophy’s This is what Gives Us Time in the Australian Poetry Review, 01/03/2017

GloriaSMH is a new independent press which publishes for you the best poetry and prose from new and established authors. These are usually Australian-born, but not always. Its poetry catalogue, launched in April 2016, is already strong, featuring award-winning, highly respected poets, alongside younger poets.

Books Published:

• Reading for a Quiet Morning, Petra White, May, 2017

• Euclid’s dog: 100 algorithmic poems, Jordie Albiston, March, 2017

• Fire Work: Last Poems, Aileen Kelly, September, 2016

• Have Been and Are, Brook Emery, September, 2016

• Universal Mother, Elif Sezen, August, 2016

• Anatomy of Voice, David Musgrave, May/June, 2016

• This is what gives us time, Kevin Brophy, April, 2016

Publishing Schedule: • Paul Kane/John Kinsella, Dec 2017

Read Michael Sharkey’s review of David Musgrave’s Book, Anatomy of Voice, in the Southerly Volume 76/Number 2/2016

Read Paul Magee’s Essay on Elif Sezen’s poems, in the Cordite Poetry Review, 01/02/2017.

Read the review by Geoff Page published in the Sydney Morning Herald on the 4/11/2016, of the first 3 books from GloriaSMH Press.

Congratulations to David Musgrave for winning the State Library of Queensland Poetry Collection – Judith Wright Calanthe Award for Anatomy of Voice announced on 5 October 2016. For more information click here.

Read the review of Kevin Brophy’s book This is What Gives us Time, by Ali Jane Smith on September 17 2016, in The Australian here.