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Anatomy of Voice won the State Library of Queensland Poetry Collection – Judith Wright Calanthe Award in 2016. For more information click here.


Read Michael Sharkey’s review on David Musgrave’s Book, Anatomy of Voice, in the Southerly Volume 76/Number 2/2016

In this book-length poem, (which starts in a manner reminiscent of Beckett’s Company), the isness of voice is its central preoccupation: it is considered from as many different aspects as there are parts to this multiform poem. Highly exploratory, with words sometimes rising from or inspired by selected Renaissance wood-cut engravings, Anatomy of Voice is divided into four Partitions – across which are lyricised the shiftings of the question ‘what is a voice’, and the poem’s speculative and evocative answers. The book is simultaneously warmly personal and scholarly, intimate and learned, a felt meditation created as a tribute to the late Bill Maidment, a teacher whose influence on the author (as it was for many